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Migrated site manually from Joomla 1.5 to 3.6.2 Due tojump in versions, migration tools SP Upgrade and  SP Transfer did not migrate several items after site was first upgraded to 2.5.6. We migrated manually according to Migration article at Joomla! Documentation.


Using old site as a guide for items that did not migrate:
  • K2 required an upgrade from early version that did not convert.
  • MySQL schema was migrated and conformed to new K2 version's schema.
  • Obsolete Akeeba Subscriptions was replaced by OS Solutions Membership Pro.
  • MySQL schema was migrated and conformed to the replacement's schema.
  • Populated Joomla core MySQL tables manually for missing menus and modules.
  • Manually imported data for some Joomla core MySQL tables with schema changes.
  • Tweaked numerous Joomla items in Admin so Site did not change.
  • Modified new template to look and work like original.


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