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SystemAdmin, CentOS64,  Apache, cPanel, Linux Shell, Python, Php, MySQL, Joomla, WordPress


MSP hosting company providing solutions for a large number of web sites needed to provide the fastest possible user experience. Their business is growing, placing more and more demands on their hosting platforms. New Relic was used to ensure impact of changes made on server were observed.

GTMetrix was used with same purpose in mind for web sites.

  • Two Joomla and WordPress sites using install package only were monitored for PageSpeed and YSlow grade plus Page Load Speed to see if any adverse impact was made by changes. This also ensures standard package installs of Joomla template, components, modules and plugins plus WordPress plugins and themes still work after any changes are made.
  • Bottle-necked Joomla and WordPress web sites were also monitored with same purpose in mind.

Server-side monitoring tool was used throughout project plus before and after GTMetrix crawls. Any changes affecting metrics adversely were resolved before further changes were made. 


Server Hardware Upgrades

Shared hosting plan was upraded to amore robust plan which included upgrades to

  • CPU
  • Cores
  • Memory
  • SSD

Web Server

  • memcache
  • Varnish installed.
  • Varnish cPanel Plugin installed.
    • Tuned
    • Added Cache Warmer.
  • Default to use Varnish in Apache Account cPanel modified to not use Varnish by default.

MySQL Server

  • Resolved all messages in MySQL Monitor.
  • Added optimizing directives to mysql.ini.

Web Sites

  • Enabled caching, gzip compression. caching plugin in bottlenecked Joomla sites.
  • Installed WP Super Cache in bottlenecked WordPress sites.
  • JCH Optimize installed on bottlenecked Joomla and WordPress sites.

Work In Progress as of 10/7/2017

  • Continue resolving remaining items lowering PageSpeed and YSlow grades on GTMetrix.
  • Goal is highest possible PageSpeed and YSlow grades and lowest possible Page Load Speed.
  • Home Page Speed on CitrusKiwi Web Solutions is now under 2 seconds.


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